Bring your dedication and dreams, we’ll unleash your faith and future.

Multnomah students are passionate people who pursue lives of ambitious faith, 有目的的工作, 和基督般的改变. We understand that God made you in His image with limitless potential to glorify Him and love your neighbor in your field.

We will inspire and equip you to transform your vision and passion into life-changing ministries, 组织, 企业, 运动, 实践, 教堂, 和生活.

Our professors will enrich and support your learning and growth. You will have peers and mentors to encourage your pursuit of Christ-likeness, 为你的职业生涯磨砺你的技能, 培养你蓬勃发展的信仰.

在我们的社区里, you’ll find fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are joyful about serving the Lord, 深入圣经, and discovering opportunities for the gospel in any career. Wherever your journey takes you after you leave, you’ll always have a place to call home.





This non-refundable fee is to be paid online when the application is submitted.

This form is to be completed by the applicant’s minister, spiritual mentor, or ministry supervisor. 它不能由一个亲戚完成.

A professor, mentor, employer, former employer, or the like should complete this form. 这项工作不应由亲属完成.

Request that your official transcript would be sent from each institution you have attended, 正在参加, or from which you will receive credit directly to 坚实可靠的大学.

全球发展文学硕士 & 正义

  • 最低GPA要求:2.5

管理学硕士 & 领导

  • 最低GPA要求:2.5


  • 最低GPA要求:3.0


  • 最低GPA要求:2.5
  • 3 credit hours of Foreign Language (this can be taken during the program)

心理咨询文学硕士 candidates will be asked to complete a background check upon a successful interview.

学费 & 金融援助

If you need help paying for your education, you’re not alone. 坚实可靠的大学 offers a wide array of scholarships, 奖助金, and awards designed to help you pay for your education and reach your fullest potential as a student. 了解更多欧宝娱乐官网的学费和经济援助.


We are accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the Association of Theological Schools. This valuable distinction enables our “Bible university” model to provide a safe community for intellectually-curious Christians. 阅读更多 欧宝娱乐官网的认证.

Multnomah is an non-denominational Christian school, welcoming believers from all backgrounds. 在我们的 教义声明, we outline how important this status is to Multnomah, 我们的学生, and how we prepare our graduates for a life of faithful service.

尽可能做到包容和通融, we do accept limited credits from unaccredited Bible colleges. For more information about this, please contact the 招生 Office.

We have several upcoming dates for visitors and several 访问选项 以适应您的具体问题和您的时间表.

Requests to audit courses are reviewed and approved by the Office of the 注册商. 请参阅 客户应用程序 浏览更多信息.

“What makes teaching most satisfying to me is that I see the change in my students. ”

Dr. Karl Kutz, Professor and Chair of Biblical Languages


We are here to help you explore Multnomah and all that it has to offer you. We are also available to assist with any additional questions you have about the admissions process. 给我们打电话或发短信 (503) 251-6485 或电子邮件